100 Days of Wisdom…Day 60

Create some time to do the following: Sit in a relaxed place or position, this can be done anywhere. Close your eyes and I want you to quiet you mind just a little. Now I want you to listen carefully to your body. Listen to everything going on. Listen to the new cells being created replacing the old cells. Listen to your heart pump your blood around your body. Listen to your lungs expand and contract. Listen to your body absorb the water that you drink. Observe your body extracting the nutrients from your food and nourishing the body. Observe your body move your eyes. Observe your body send signals to the brain with lightening quick speed and super precise accuracy.

Without even being aware, your body does some amazing things.

Now I want you to try this. With your eyes still closed and in your relaxed state, ask your body if there is anything it needs? Stay alert for an answer. Once you have your answer, if there are any problems you have with your body, lets say, you have a bad back. Whilst in the same relaxed state I want you to converse with your body and ask those secret governing forces to heal the part that needs healing. Once you’ve made your request, I want you to say thank you 3 times.

How did this make you feel and did you notice anything unusual while doing it? 🙂

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