100 Days of Wisdom…Day 74

How often do you let those around you set the tone, pace and general feel of your life? Say at work for example, is the general tone and feel of the office or your department quite somber and does that mean that you too are that or in the process of becoming so? How about, for a change, you set the tone, pace and feel of your surrounding environment.

It doesn’t take much to be the one holding the reigns! All you’ve got to do is introduce some spice. Maybe start a little friendly competition of some sort of take some “creative inducing”, as opposed to stress relieving, toys to the office. My colleagues and I recently invested in a Gyro Powerball and we’ve created a little league to see who can get the highest score! If you’ve never seen one do a search on you tube and you’ll see! 😉 I also invested in a GeoMag set to get the creative juices flowing. There is so much you can do! So quit complaining, if you don’t like it change it to the way that you would like it to be and set the tone from now on!!

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