100 Days of Wisdom…Day 8


The Law of Attraction truly gives the saying: “what you see is what you get” a new dimension and lease of life.

If you see the world as loving and kind, it’s what you will attract. If you see the world as abundant and fruitful, it’s what you will attract.

If you see the world as evil and violent, it’s what you will attract. If you see the world as poor and starved, that’s what you will attract.

What you perceive you receive.

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  1. Michelle says:

    This is exactly why I don’t watch the news or read the newspapers. There is so much talk of terrorists, terrorist alerts, terrorist attacks. With millions of people world-wide giving their attention and energy to these things, look what is happening….they are all increasing.

    I find other ways to learn what is going on in the world without feeding the terror machine.

    I have noticed something interesting in a disturbing sort of way. Every time this topic starts to wane in favor of other topics in the news, someone in the government here in the USA gets on television and “stokes the fire” as it were, makes a speech or tells a tale that brings people’s minds and attention right back onto terrorism.

    Yes, WYSIWYG Very Powerful, and not only on a personal, individual level.

    See love and kindness. Not only will your own life improve, you will be helping to improve the lives of people around the world. 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    Hey Michelle,

    I stopped watching the news every morning about 6 weeks ago. It has done me the world of good. All I do now is scan my news feed for anything that might interest me and if it does I’ll check it out.

    As for them adding fuel to the fire just before the fire goes out, there is nothing more true!

  3. Raymond says:

    WYSIWYG? Muuuaahh! I love that. I’m using WYSIWYG editor everyday and it never cross my mind that it has a connection to The Law of Atraction.

    I’m a big fan of Law of Attraction. Recently, I come across to this Exclusive Report, “Attraction Accelerator” by Bob Proctor. This is the missing pieces of The Secret.

    You can download it here:

    I hope you guys enjoy that.

    P.S. Amit, you may want to consider sharing this awesome website with your subscribers. After all, it benefits everybody.

  4. Amit says:

    Hi Raymond, I’ll definitely check out the attraction accelerator for sure! I’ll also put a link to your blog in my blogroll! 🙂 Thanks for your comments!


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