100 Days of Wisdom…Day 84

In every pursuit it’s easy to hit a plateau. Lets say for example you decide that you no longer want to use the lifts at your office and you decide you want to use the stairs from now on! You work on the 5th floor and so every day you walk up the stairs. Now what will happen is that you’ll expect yourself to get used to the stair climbing pretty quickly!

However, it doesn’t quite work like that. For the first week or two you may even find yourself getting more tired and more puffed out by the time you reach the top and then you’ll hit a point where you get so tired where you feel like you want to stop doing it! That is exactly the point at which you must continue!

If you give in at that point, you’ll enter the world fruitless repetition where you may try again in about 6 months but the same thing will happen again! It’s at that point where you get the most tired that you must choose to continue because it’s when you push yourself when you least feel like doing it is the time that you will grow the most and when you will overcome the plateau!

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  1. Mel Kaye says:

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  2. kavikim says:

    Congratulations Amit! Love this site soooo much, it’s like my morning paper when i get to work! xxx

    Peace and Love – KK

  3. Secret Simon says:

    Keep it up, Amit! Only a few more landings to go…

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