100 Days of Wisdom…Day 91

From guilt to gratitude!

Why be even more tough on yourself if you’re having a genuinely bad day? Being tough on yourself is the worst way to overcome that feeling as you’ll just dig yourself deeper and deeper into it and then you’ll just end up feeling even worse! When you punish yourself with guilt and frustration you doom yourself to repeating the same cycle over and over. The next time you have a bad day, instead of cursing yourself and trying to make yourself feel guilty, try this approach. Say to yourself; “I’m having a bad day and on this day, because I feel bad I will do whatever it is I feel like doing! Whether that doing a movie marathon or eating all the foods you know are bad for me! I’m thankful for this time, as it makes me appreciate even more the good days that I have!”

When you no longer punish yourself and you turn your guilt into gratitude, you will find that automatically you will start to feel much better faster and before you even know it your bad will be over and it’ll end up being a great and productive day! I had one such day recently and automatically without even realising it I was cursing myself and in turn that was making me feel even more like shit! When I realised what I was doing, I turned it around, I accepted the bad day for what it was and just did the things I loved doing like I watched a few movies back to back and I ate tonnes of food! Instead of feeling guilty about any of those actions I changed my inner dialogue to one of gratitude and made the conscious choice that I was going to enjoy the “bad” day and lowen behold, before I had even realised, it had turned into a good day!

The next time you catch yourself cursing or making yourself feel guilty, turn on the gratitude switch instead and I gaurantee that the guilt and cursing will extinguish rapidly!

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