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  1. Benjamin says:

    OK, you’ve got me. How does ascribing a purpose to life give it one? If I say a car is for space travel, it is still a car. It has not become anymore usable for space travel. Surely we should SEEK OUT what the true purpose of life IS, rather than just giving it one?

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    You raise a good question. IS PURPOSE ASSIGNED OR DESIGNED?? I’m not sure I understand your analogy in that the PURPOSE of creating a car, is for use as an automobile. If my intention was to go to space, for that PURPOSE I would create a spaceship.

    You say that we should SEEK OUT what the TRUE purpose of life IS, that presupposes that there is one purpose for us all? Surely we don’t all share the same purpose?

    What creates the difference between a hardcore Green Peace activist and a high powered OPEC executive? It comes down to one thing, CHOICE!

    I believe we live in a Universe of contrast or relative experience, e.g. happiness and sadness, light and dark etc, as you cannot know one without the other.

    How I enjoy that relative experience is entirely of my choosing. So for me, the purpose of life is to design my life in the way that I choose, for me, purpose is DESIGNED not ASSIGNED.

    Your question is so broad, one that could be debated without end, one of the ultimate human questions I guess! But the above answer for me, is how I feel about my purpose for this lifetime!

    Thanks for posting!


  3. Benjamin says:

    I agree and I differ. My point is that, to take your example, they are both people, whatever choices they make. We are all born, we all die. Figuring out the piece in between is the tricky bit! There are clearly some aspects of our humanity we can not change, and some that we can. Maybe that defines the unique parts of our purpose. I believe that much of our purpose is assigned, but that we have to work out the best path. However, whatever the detail, I think we both are agreed, we should all use our choices to the best!

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